Victim Of Crime (VOC) Advocacy

Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. can train your staff to refer clients, who have experienced violent crimes, including child abuse, to skilled therapists in private practice through the California Victim Compensation Program (CVP) or Victim of Crime (VOC) Program.

Did you know...?

  • The California Victim of Crime (VOC) program will pay for up to $9,000, about three years of therapy, for adults and children who have witnessed domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, homicide, stalking, and gang violence?
  • Almost every child in foster care, and their caregivers, qualify for free therapy through the VOC Program?
  • Adults who survived a sexual crime as a minor have until the age of 28 to apply for services?
  • There is no shortage of skilled, experienced therapists in Alameda County who are eager to work with VOC clients?

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