Matthew "Matt" Lindgren, MFT

Matthew "Matt" Lindgren works as an instructor for Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc., and is also the founder.

Matthew "Matt" Lindgren teaches classes on Vicarious Trauma and access to the California Victim Of Crime services.

Matthew "Matt" Lindgren has extensive training in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, and attachment related disorders in both children and adults, as well as in family and couples therapy. Matthew "Matt" Lindgren has worked with domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, homicide, robbery, and other violent crime victims.

Matthew "Matt" Lindgren's clinical work is informed by his eclectic training in a variety of therapeutic modalities, including: EMDR, CBT, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, and play therapy.

Matthew "Matt" Lindgren maintains a private practice in Oakland that focuses on couples therapy, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and social anxiety.

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