How we help

Therapy works by helping you make gradual changes, over a period of time, in the way you experience the world, feel and think about yourself and others, and think and feel about your future.

Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. understands that all forms of effective therapy accomplish the same goals:

Learning by Doing

Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. believes that therapy is really both mental and physical. We recognize that emotions are nothing more than physical states that are meant to be a help, not a hindrance, to our lives. Our therapists believe that making changes in therapy is like learning to dance or play a sport. At first, you do need to talk about what you're doing, but after that, the best way to learn is to just start doing something. Just like a dance instructor shows you the moves, and then you try them out, Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. offers concrete exercises and examples to help you learn by actually doing things differently, right now.

Growing by Loving

Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. believes that helping people to feel good is the best way to help them feel stong enough to deal with hard stuff. We do not believe in digging up the past and going over the same things again and again. Instead, Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. believes that most effective way to work through old stuff is to learn to love and accept yourself, and to accept love from others. Love is a kind of lever you can use to move big obstacles and also grow and learn from your experiences. With enough love, you'll find that you don't have to go back to old problems again and again, because love helps you work through them and complete them.

Knowing by Feeling

Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. believes that real change happens when you feel something to be true in your heart instead of only acknowledging it as intellectually true in your head. We believe that our bodies and minds are interconnected, and that our bodies offer us a real way of knowing truth. Sometimes people call this truth a "gut feeling" or intuition. When bad things happen to people, they often lose touch with their gut feelings, and will sometimes make poor choices. Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. helps people learn to trust their bodies and their intuition as a way of learing to be whole and truling knowing themselves, their world, and their future.