Thank You for Helping Our Children!

Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. appreciates the hard working social workers, medical workers, and law enforcement personel who dedicate their careers to protecting and healing our children. Thank you! You are heroes.

Blackbird Family Therapy, Inc. makes getting help for your clients easy. We offer:

  • Free therapy with no MediCal, no hassle, and no paperwork
  • Free Court Reports, Assessments, & Diagnoses
  • Office locations throughout the East Bay
  • Home visits
  • Family Reunification, Maintenance, & Permanency Planning
  • Pre and Post Adoption Planning
  • A network of licensed, experienced successful private practice therapists who are experts in evidence based treatments for trauma
  • No waiting lists

All you need to do is fill out a secure, online referral form (or print and fax one).

We also offer free classes specifically designed to support you and your clients: